About the team

The Calmer mind coaches bring together a wealth of experience in the wellbeing sector.

Introducing Jane Clark

Jane has a background in nursing and midwifery and has always been fascinated with the workings of the mind. She is known for her down to earth approach helping people understand why they feel like they do, and how to better deal with, and overcome some of life’s issues

She works online on a one to one basis with clients, and is also experienced in presenting bite-sized wellbeing workshops to businesses.

Jane’s areas of specialty include phobias, trauma and anxiety, and she loves to help guide her clients to a peaceful place, with a quiet mind.

Introducing Hannah Hatherell

Hannah has been helping her clients to feel calmer and less anxious since 2008. She is wife and a mum to 2 teenage boys and a bonkers cocker spaniel. Luckily she is based in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside so the great outdoors is right on her doorstep.

She works one to one with her clients and with groups on a corporate basis to empower and educate with calming strategies, so that emotional shift can happen quickly and easily restoring confidence and calm.

Hannah is passionate about helping clients with anxiety turn their worlds around.